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About Church Restoration Ministries Church Restoration Ministries is a church outreach ministry dedicated to restoring churches and church leaders throughout the nation back to the Kingdom of Messiah from the bondage of the Babylonian System.

Church Restoration Ministries is located in Dewey Arizona. The church facility provides Church Restoration Ministries and for the headquarters office of the Society of Apostolic Church Ministries as well as a meeting place for the local body of believers (The Remnant).

It is the mandate of Church Restoration Ministries to warn and teach church leaders about the condition of the church and the trappings of the corporate systems of men, and the mandate of our God to release them from the world of Babylon and come totally under the headship of Yahshua Messiah as their only King. As corporate thinking, a place of business and merchandise and where the system of men and the god of mammon reigns in the church is replaced, the House of God will be transformed into the spiritual place where God can be truly exalted and with the Lord’s thinking, accountability, and worship and obedience in the House of God will be transformed.

Obedience to the teachings of Yahshua and fulfilling the mandate of the Great Commission are foremost in the life and judgment of each individual believer. It is the desire of Church Restoration Ministries to bring the body of Messiah/Christ truths which will edify and encourage believers to contend for the faith that was once handed over to the saints and to see that all ministries and congregations be released from ritual, the system of Corporate Business and Merchandising which keeps the church from following the simplicity that is in Messiah.

This website explains the difference between the 501(c)(3) corporation and the office of corporation sole. We have tried to provide as much of the initial teaching for church leaders to obey the Lord’s command you would need to come out of Babylon (governmental commercial systems and corporate thinking) and understand the ministry office of corporation sole and the freedom of religion secured by the Constitution and Bill of Rights available to the church It is stated in the Constitutional Law, section 64, “Insofar as liberty is concerned, however, a private corporation is not a person within the language of the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution; the liberty guaranteed is the liberty of natural, not artificial persons. And a corporation has been held not to be a “person” within the protection of the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination” as in the 501(c)(3)corporation.