Church, Incorporated

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Is what religious people call Church today, the true Church, the called-out-ones, of our LORD Yehusua.

The word “church” came from the Greek words kuriake oika, which means “a lords house.” The word church was translated as such to mean “a building set apart for public worship.”

The word kuriake oika is not the word used for the believers. It is Greek ekklesia, which is derived from “ek” which means “to call” and kaleo, “to call out of.” The correct translation of ecclesia is “called-out-ones” from the world. The word is used for people who are called-out that are gathered together. Nowhere in the New Testament is the term “church,” “temple,” or “house of God” used to refer to a building. Ancient Judaism was centered on there essentials: The temple, the priesthood, and the sacrifice. When Yahshua came, He ended all three, fulfilling them in Himself. He is the Temple who embodies a new and living house made of living stones without hands. To the ears of a first-century Christian calling a building an ecclesia (church) would be like calling a woman a empire state building. In most of the context, congregation should be used.

Church Incorporated | Church Restoration MinistryThe early Christians believed that Yahshua (Jesus) is the very presence of God. They believed that the Body of Christ, the church, constitutes a temple. Today the word church is used to refer to as a building and the organization that formed it. The true living church, the “ecclesia,” the called-out, is the believers, the chosen holy separated people of our Master. You cannot go to something you are. It was in the fourth century at the time of Constantine that the Roman church began erecting special buildings for worship. Constantine began erecting the first church buildings through the Roman Empire. In so doing, he followed the path of the pagans as they honored their gods in temples so in constructing temples to honor true God. He named his church buildings after saints, just as the pagans named their temples after their gods. Under Constantine, Christianity was both recognized and honored by the State. This blurred the line between the church and the world. He became emperor of Rome and developed a State Church. There was no such thing as Church and the State. They were blended together as one, thus producing the State Church of Rome called the Catholic Church and Constantine as the Caesar of it. When you obeyed the State, you obeyed the Church and vise versa.

Today, not only have the Christians continued to follow the trend of Constantine, we have gone even further. What is called church today is a Religious Business Enterprise according to Title 26 of the Federal Statues. Ninety-Eight percent of churches today are incorporated under this Title with the 501(c)3 corporation status. The word incorporated means “to join together; to blend into another mass; to unite in companionship in another government; to be partners in interest, a covenant.” We have turned those who are believers (the called out ones) into something they are not; a corporate business within walls of corporate buildings. It has been blended into something else other than Messiah’s body. The church has shaken its hand with the kingdom of this world and signed the covenant of obedience to its government. It has made a covenant with the kingdom of this world and became a State Church. It is written in Ex. 23:32, “You shall make no covenant with them lest they make you sin before me. You shall not serve their gods, lest they be stumbling block to you.”

The Supreme Court defines corporation: “A corporation is an artificial being (a thing, an IT), existing only in contemplation of law, a corporate franchise.” The Church has taken on this identity, an IT. They have structured themselves according to the principles and guidelines of corporations. Because of its legal recognition as a business entity it is the embodiment of a State-granted business franchise merchandising and engaging in commerce. Church, Inc. is created by man, success driven, profit oriented, client friendly, administrated by management, product driven and image conscious. When a church incorporates, it changes the true meaning of church into something it is not. It takes on an existence and survival of its own and begins to be in this world for its own sake.

After Church, Inc has incorporated, it has to acquire an EIN number. This is needed as a license, a permit to do business and operate in commerce; to hire employees, pay taxes, employee taxes, self employment taxes, social security taxes, income taxes and practice their trade of religion. The corporation 501(c)(3) has to registerChurch, Inc. with the corporation commission. Why! Because it is the body of a corporate business derived from the State, a Religious Business Enterprise, not the Sovereign body of the Kingdom of GOD.

Church Restoration MinistriesTo establish this Religious Business Enterprise an Incorporator is required, which is the Pastor. A President is needed for the Corporation, which is the Pastor. It needs a State government agent, which is the Pastor. So the pastor and now president of the business and agent of the state has to conduct a series of transactions and acts on behalf of the business and the state. He is fully liable and is under exclusive control of the state.

The corporation status makes the church becomes a thing, an IT. We organizeITas a corporation. We have to nameIT, hire employees to run IT. We register it in the yellow pages phone directory under business. We devise campaigns to recruit more people to participate in the investment of IT, and we make up brochures and buy ads and billboards to market IT, fighting for the market share. We measure ITS success by how big it becomes. The bigger the building, the more successful ITis considered.

The stockholders, (the congregation) are expected to keep the business going by their respective investments in the corporation stock, but cannot receive dividends on the shares of stock. They are considered the owners of the business with no return. This is why they and the pastor can say, “Come to my Church, Come to our church.” They own IT and they control IT. They incorporated IT. They provided the assets forIT. They receive a certificate of donations, thus receiving the dividend through a percentage of the deductions on their income tax return. If a church is created like, acts like, functions like a business, IT IS A BUSINESS. Because of the 501(c)3 corporation status and legal recognition as a Business Enterprise Entity, we have thousands of State granted Franchises merchandising and participating in commerce.

It is written: “You have made my house a house of merchandise.” Church, Inc. is created by man, a System of the World, merchandising the Lord of Glory. Under Title 26 it states that a 501(c)3 corporation is a Not-For-Profit Charity Business. The church has become a State entity, controlled by the state.

The Incorporated churches are not the True New Testament churches. Why!

1.) Corporations are created by the state, not by Jesus Christ.

2.) The head and master by law is the state, not Jesus Christ.

3.) The final authority and law is the state law, not the Bible.

4.) The property really belongs to the state, not to God……. Just ask all the churches that have been

seized by the government with no recourse because of the 501(c)(3).

The law agrees that the church is not a Corporation. It states that the two are mutually exclusive entities, each with distinct sovereign authority heads. Government is the head of corporations, and the head of the church (His body) is Yahshua. The Body of Christ, the Bride of Messiah the Called-out-Ones is the church.

In 1981 the U.S. Supreme Court stated that the primary function of a tax-exempt organization is to act on the behalf of the government in carrying out government approved Public Policies. Just what are these Public Policies? They are legalized abortion, euthanasia, no praying in schools, no commandments in public buildings, and no discrimination against homosexuality. All 501(c)3 corporations must be in agreement with these policies.

In 1997, President Clinton gave the IRS full responsibility to police all 501(c)(3) corporations. They can audit a pastor for and reason and try to bring the church into the audit.

In 2008, President Bush put the 501(c)(3) corporations under Homeland Security and partnered them together with Executive Order 13397. In Articles A of the Homeland Security it states that, “the secretary of Homeland security shall establish within the department a center for the 501(c)(3) Faith based initiative.”

It gave ministerial authority to Homeland Security over the churches. The purpose is to coordinate efforts of faith base in the department programs including FEMA. The church must follow the general rules of serving disaster response and recovery missions. Pastors will be obligated to have their congregations go along with the government as to whatever orders they command.

In November 2009, just days after the terrorist shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, Janet Napolitano appointed two devout Muslims, Arif Alikhan and Kareem Shora to positions with the Department of Homeland Security. In 2007, Alikhan was instrumental in removing terror tracking plans in Los Angeles. Shora joined ADC in 2000 as legal council and is a vocal advocate for Muslim civil rights. Because of the ministerial authority of Homeland Security over the churches, these two devote Muslim now have authority over the Faith Based churches, 501C3 corporations.

In 2010, President Obama expanded Bush’s order by giving presidential control over the 501(c)(3) churches in time of any kind of an emergency in his Executive Order 11490. He also merged the government Environment Protection Agency (EPA) with the 501(c)(3) churches in partnership. This partnership merged government and religion together to promote government’s view on global warming. The churches now have to upgrade all their buildings to meet green building codes. They will have access to church financing with the government. It will establish revolving loans for programs and work with utilities companies to accomplish their upgrade.

Also in 2010, President Obama appointed to his advisory counsel Eboo Patel, a Muslim Activist, tosponsorpartnerships with government and neighborhoods by teaming people of different faiths for government service projects. He has stated that Christians are totalitarians. Another appointee is Lynne Hybel, co-pastor of Willow Creek Church, who is a social justice advocate and who created the Global Leadership Summit, a global international “Christian” group. She advised Obama to create a Palestinian State in favor of Palestine instead being faithful to our commitment to Israel.

On May 6, 2010, Nancy Pelosi revealed an example of the government controlling of the 501(c)(3) churches when she stated, “The Churches are going to play a Major Role in Immigration Reform on how people are treated. I want every pastor to tell their people from the pulpit – Instruct your People– this is the manifestation of our living the Gospel.”

In January, 2011 it was revealed that in the ObamaCare bill it states that, IRS has now access to church bank accounts at any time without court order authority and church must provide healthcare to all their employees. The church now has many masters. The Obama Health Care on page 22, mandates the government will audit books of employers who self insure. The church under 501(c)3 corporation is considered an employer.

The First Amendment of the Constitution states that congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. Did the government go against this amendment? What happened? The establishment has not been the government; the establishment has been the clergy. Faithful attorneys and accounts assisting uneducated pastors have established thousands of thousands of government business churches through the 501(c)3 corporation. We let the lawyers and accountants make the choice of how to run the Church instead of the Lord Yahusua (Jesus). We have restricted the Holy Spirit’s liberty to lead us. The charter of the corporation controls. Control is one of the ultimate enemies to our freedom in the Spirit. Accountants are for business, not for the congregation of the LivingGod. The Church, Inc. needs accountants to manage their financial affairs. Why! Simply, IT is a BUSINESS.

When professing Christians ask the government to grant them state incorporation status and official state kingdom incorporation papers, those professed Christians are desirous of being other than the called-out-ones from the world which is Messiah’s body. Neither the Lord Yahshua nor his body can be incorporated by man. We need to distinguish betweenGod’s law which sets us free in Christ and man’s laws which impose restrictions upon us and bind us to men. Church, Inc. is the modern day Babylonian captivity of GOD’S people. We are no longer a people led by the Holy Spirit in all that we do, say, and are; we are controlled by the rules and regulations of the state corporation commission and IRS regulations.

Babylon consisted of three systems. The Political System, the Commerce System, and the Religious System.

The Political System was what “Ruled.” Hammurabi was the King of Babylon at that time. He authored the earliest known formal laws, which include the ability to contract. The advanced legal system consisted of: Legal system with courts that hear cases, Government is centralized and big, Individuals and businesses are taxed and the wealth is redistributed, Birth, marriage and death are registered by the Government, the Banking system, and the Education system. It was and is the whole system of operation of this world.

The Commerce System consisted of “Trade-Doing Business” through contract known as corporations. The corporations operated business in the system of Babylon.

The Religious System brought all religions to a Central System by contract/corporations. Many worship the stars, the moon, the sun, the earth, golden idols, and beasts. Each being a different kind of worship and doctrine and considered each a different religion. They were organized by contract/corporation. Today we have the same effort to bring religion under one system of Babylon through contract/corporation by the 501(c)3 corporation.

There are two kingdoms in the world. The Kingdom of GOD,which consists of the Lord Yahusua (Jesus), HIS Body, and within that Body ministering leaders in Offices. The other kingdom is the kingdom of the Anti-Christ (Babylon). What has happened is that His leaders and HIS Body have left the Kingdom of GODmade a covenant with the kingdom of Babylon and has gone over to the kingdom of the Anti-Christ (Babylon), and the LORD is left alone in HIS Kingdom.

The church is clothed with the clothes of a prostitute in league with the antichrist system. The ministry of the HOLY SPIRITcomes out of who we are in Yahshua/Jesus and is not a position attained to in the world. It is written inRev. 3:14 “The Spirit says to the church at Laodicea, I know your works that you are neither cold nor hot; it is better to be either cold or hot, so then because your are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth. You say I am rich, and my wealth is increased and I need nothing; and you do not know that you are miserable and a wanderer and poor and blind and naked.” If the Lord Spume’s you out of His mouth, this will bring forth death. Death to this thing called Church, Inc.

The next verse in that chapter of Revelation, He said, “Behold I stand at the door and knock; if any man here my voice and open the door, I will come in to him and will sup with him, and he with me.” Many teach that verse is talking to the unbeliever, that the Lord is asking the unbeliever to let Him come into his heart. This is false doctrine. What does the scripture say? “This is what the SPIRIT says unto the CHURCH.” He is talking to the Church. HE said, “I rebuke and chastise all those whom I love; be zealous, therefore and REPENT.” “Come out of her my people that you do not partake of her sins.”

Incorporation is Tyranny! The Church has a choice to make. Be an entity of the state or be an embassy of God. We must recognize that the Church has become part of the worldly system, see it as it is, part of Babylon, repent, obey the LORD and come out from among her.” Paul admonished us saying, “I beseech you brothers, do not imitate the way of this world.” I wonder what he would say if his saw how the Church has become a Corporation Enterprise entangled in the worldly system of Babylon.

There is no scriptural basis for worldly church franchise business. Who is the church serving, the Lord or the government or worse yet, trying to serve both? If this be the case, we have two gods, two kingdoms and two covenants. Our LORD said, “No man can serve two masters.” “I will have no other god beside ME.” Either Yahshua/Jesus is king of His church or the State is.

In Isaiah 30, it is written, “Woe to the rebellious children says the Lord, who take counsel but not of me; and make agreements, but not through my SPIRIT, to add sins to sins; who have sinned in going down to Egypt and not required of me, that they be assisted by Pharaoh and be covered by the shadows of the Egyptians. Therefore, shall the shadow of Pharaoh be to your shame, and a reproach to those who trust in Egypt for his princes,(IRS) and his ambassadors (accountants and lawyers) shall act deceitfully. They go to a people that can not profit them, neither be a help, nor a profit but a shame and reproach.”

The Shofar is sounding the alarm: Warning, Warning, “Come out of her, My people!” Have the courage to face our idols, cleanse the temple, and return to the God of our salvation. God’s people, who are called by HIS NAME, cannot be called by any other name, as “Church, Inc.” We must come out of Babylon. It is a system of the antichrist, Satan himself. Satan has positioned himself and his throne in the middle of this thing called Church, Inc. This deception of incorporation is so great that we do not even know we may be serving him in the midst of our service to Messiah.

The SPIRIT said to the church of Pergamos, “He who has the sharp sword with t two-edges, I know your works and where you dwell, where Satan’s seat is.” [Rev. 2:13] Where Satan’s seat is, is not clear. Would it be naïve to think that Satan could be in the center of Church, Inc.? Incorporation is a false light that is full of deception. This incorporated it veils the eyes of those who remain in it. If what we call church can be incorporated, joined, named, referred to as IT, then IT is not the real thing. The ministry is so deceived by this conception of church, that they have innocently become the distributor of IT.

Church, Inc. is the counterfeit harlot to the true bride of Messiah. God’s people our individuals, not a place of concrete blocks, lumber and nails called a non-profit corporation. His people are not a thing, an it, His people are a living organism ministering to each other. The true ekklesia is a corporate body (community, group) of people who are born into it, not incorporated into it.

His people are not known for their corporate status, policies (doctrines), their name and location and president who is in control of the company, but HIS people are known by their righteousness, holiness and love one for another. We are submitted one to another in the spirit of humility and love. The bride, the called-out-ones, the body of Yahshua/Jesus can never be defined by structure, organization, buildings, governmental orders, programs, rules, creeds, doctrines, entertainment, and services. The assembly of the called-out-ones is a people who are patterned after the person Yahshua, the Messiah. It is a people who will keep themselves holy, separating us from the world. HE alone is the governor and the government of the Kingdom of God. Come out of her MY people!!