Pastors of Church Restoration Ministries

Elizabeth and Ric Gardner attended Christ for the Nations Bible Institute and are ordained ministers that has ordination with the Independent Assemblies of God, the Full Gospel Fellowship International and Brothers in Christ International. Elizabeth received a doctorate in Theology at Suffield University in 2006.

Elizabeth presently is pastor of their local fellowship, Messiah’s Remnant. Ric is co-pastor in music and worship.

In addition to her spiritual education, Elizabeth also attended the Paralegal Institute and received a degree as a Certified Paralegal. Ric attended PTI Institute in Arizona and received a degree in Accounting and Estate Planning.

In 1996, Elizabeth began to do legal research on civil and canon law corporation sole and has been writing and publishing articles on corporation sole since 1997. Shortly thereafter, the Lord began to open doors to churches that wanted education on canon law corporation sole for the governance of their church ministries. The church then began an outreach ministry (Church Restoration Ministries) to other churches educating and warning them of the ramifications of being incorporated through the 501(c)(3) corporation and the legal alternative known as corporation sole. Elizabeth is the Bishop of Church Restoration Ministries.

Elizabeth is also the author of several books including Lord, Why Me?, Corporation sole v. 501(c)(3) Corporation, How to Protect Everything you Own in this Life and After, Sun-god Worship Unmasked.